Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Canton Tornado 2017

Days after posting or latest rabbit offerings for sale on many different Facebook pages, our rabbitry in Canton, Texas was hit by a tornado. They tell me that the wind speeds were 140+ miles per hour. From the damage that our small homestead revived as a result of these winds I believe it. Essentially the farm has been destroyed and most of the buildings, greenhouse, and chicken pens were destroyed. We are safe, and miraculously we only lost 2 adult American Blues (a male and a female) and one of the American Blue litters (8, 10-week old kits).

To say we were at a loss as to what to do next is an understatement. A fellow breeder (Bonita Hunt of Bailywick Rabbitry) whom we have bought breeding stock before contacted us and offered to come and house our rabbits for us. She drove more than two hours and brought her truck and horse trailer and took the whole herd to their home. She refused to take any money for feed to house or livestock, she is truly a good Samaritan and we can thank her enough.

Needless to say, all rabbit sales have to be put on hold at this time. Thank you for all the prayers and messages and calls that we have received in support. We will keep you updated on the status of the farm. I have included a link to the video that I shot we we first arrived on the scene. Thanks again.

If you need a good source for rabbits please contact our friends below:

Steve Coyne (Texas Bunny Barn) Forney, TX 972-742-4922
Bonita Hunt (Bailywick Rabbitry) Honey Grove, TX 903-946-4666

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