Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Broken Buck 'Magnum'

Every so often, every breeder whether you are breeding show rabbits or meat pens, needs to go outside their barn and add some new blood to their herd just to keep it genetically healthy. Because my friend Steve Coyne (Texas Bunny Barn Blog) and I have primarily the same breeding stock we both decided it was time to introduce some new bloodlines.

While we both breed for meat only (no show rabbits), it was time to add some new pedigreed bloodlines into or herds. You may ask, Why would you want pedigreed rabbits if you are simply breeding for meat pens? It's simple really, good breeding stock produces good healthy babies. While neither of us show rabbits, we take the time and effort to try and produce show quality meat pen rabbits.

I will be honest, we eat most of what we breed, so if you are feeding your family it only makes sense to breed the best quality animal you can. No one wants to buy, butcher, and feed a sickly animal to their family and friends. Anyway, this post is to introduce one of my two new bucks that will going into my herd. I am excited about this little guy and hope he will be a real producer for us.

After seeing that cute little butterfly face it reminded me of a big old bushy mustache, and for some reason I thought of Magnum P.I., so that is how he got his name. Magnum is a New Zealand Broken Black who I purchased from breeder Bonita Hunt located in Honey Grove, Texas. She produces some awesome looking show rabbits who win many times when they are entered at the shows. At just over three months old this little guy has never been to a show, but his pedigree speaks for itself. For the rest of his life he is going to be a ladies man…

If you are interested in quality meat breeders and we do not have anything available I always direct my cutomers to my friend and rabbit mentor Steve Coyne. I have listed his information taken from the Texas Rabbit Breeder directory. In addition, I wanted to just leave a plug for fellow breeder Bontia Hunt. If you are looking for top quality show rabbits check out her herd.

Steven Coyne (TexasRabbit Barn)
Forney, Texas
Breeds: New Zealand, American Blues

We breed for meat breeders only. We do not provide pedigrees, nor do we tattoo our rabbits. STRICTLY MEAT RABBITS! If you’d like us to breed for your meat pens, please contact us a minimum of 110 days prior to your show date. Our breeding stock is pedigreed and comes from the John Gillis bloodline. Please contact us for additional information.

Bonita Hunt (Baileywick Rabbitry)
Honey Grove, Texas
Breeds: New Zealands, Meat Pens, Dwarf Hotots, Californians, Mini Lops, Dutch, Lionhead lops, Lionheads, Mini Satins, Jersey Woolies, Netherland Dwarfs, Polish, Holland Lops

I specialize, in raising lionhead Lops- they make excellent pets and are very sociable. I promote the NZ colors,for meat pens. I’m the Rabbit project leader and Superintendent for Camp County 4H. When you buy, from me, I furnish you with feed and a Beginners guide for you new friend. I also, provide all the info you need to raise your meat pens and my phone number is always available for any questions. I’m a nurse and I keep my rabbitry in tip top shape and my rabbits, are happy rabbits. They are handled, often. They are checked monthly for any ear mites and the nails are clipped. I use Purina Show Chow(Blue Bag). I have pet and show quality Rabbits. I love my rabbits and love to talk about rabbits. They make awesome and wonderful pets.

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